Liability or fault is the primary piece of an injury claim of any kind. It is clear in some claims and not so clear in others. If someone runs a red light and collides with your car, breaking your arm, fault is clear. If you have an unexpected complication from medical treatment, fault may not be as clear. The law must be applied to the facts and the facts must be investigated. This is the primary reason that anyone who suffers a debilitating injury from trauma or medical treatment should seek the advice of an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

In my 42 years advising and representing the injured, I have found that the earlier the circumstances of the cause of an injury are investigated, the better outcomes for those injured. In an auto case, witness statements can be taken when memories are fresh. Pictures of the accident vehicles can be obtained before the cars are salvaged; and in medical cases, records obtained and second opinions had. Waiting can make it too late to sort through the facts of a claim that on the surface appears clear.

Although you and your family may be dealing with the shock and anxiety of trauma and what it will mean for the family, seek and obtain legal help as soon as you can. A Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer from Falvello Law will provide advice on how to handle the challenge, protect your rights and hopefully lessen the anxiety. Visit for a free consultation today.

Published On: June 22nd, 2016 / Categories: Blog /